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VidMate 2019 App Download v3.6507 For Android

VidMate 2019 app is the real gem when it comes to solving all your problems with watching movies or any other videos.

VidMate 2019 App

It allows you to watch your favorite videos anywhere you want, or at any time you want. It is the one-stop YouTube video downloader for any type of videos.

Like, We watch movies as per our preference. We chose which type of movie we want to watch, which actors we like the most or which language or genre is more appreciating to us.

Then we should also have the freedom to decide the time and venue of the movie.


Why would you sit in a theater for long 2 to 3 hours and get a back pain just to watch a movie and that even paying a bill?

When you can enjoy the movie free of cost at the comfort of your bed with the snacks of your choice?

Original VidMate apk will give you the solution for all of your problems. Even if you want to use this VidMate for PC Windows, you can do this.

Note: The following apps have been uploaded to Google Drive only for users to download faster.

Therefore to download the VidMate app, Drive will be taking 4/5 seconds time depending on your internet speed.

VidMate YouTube Downloader
Current Version
12.3 MB
Total Download
1 Billion +
User Rating
Android 2.3 +
Updated On
02 Feb 2019

What is VidMate

This app is a great destination when it comes to songs and video download.

It is actually a client which will help the user to download and play videos and music from different famous online video sources.

Most of the time when we think about any video downloader, we can only think about the videos of YouTube channels.

But VidMate online is such a video downloader app which will let the user download videos from other popular video sites like Metacafe, DailyMotion, Vine, Soundcloud, Tumblr, and even Instagram.

This is a unique video downloader with applications that are not available in the Google Play Store.

Features Of Original VidMate

When you start thinking of VidMate apk download, the first thing might come to your mind is what the feature you will get from the app are.

Or how this app is better than the others? Well, let’s get some insights into the unique features of VidMate 2019 application. 

  • Download videos from different websites
As a video downloader, it is obvious that the app will help you to download latest and old videos from Youtube.

But the special thing about this app is it will help you to download videos from almost each and every website, even from Instagram. 

  • It has amazing speed
This VidMate HD application can download videos in less time with higher speed.

If wifi connection or mobile internet is okay in your house, this app will download any type of videos instantly.

  • Download videos of different quality and format
This is a great feature of the VidMate video downloader. You can download videos in almost any format you prefer.

And the quality of the video is also adjustable.

You can download and watch your chosen video in your chosen quality like 360p, 720p or 1080p.

This application is also usable as a default player to play all your videos.

  • Free music can be download by the app
An exclusive feature of VidMate software is that it can download free songs. It has a built-in mp3 converter. The users can download any music video they like.

And the app will convert the video in mp3 format for listening.

  • You can stream live TV
This is an absolutely rare feature of VidMate pro app. You can stream live TV update without any buffering with this amazing app.

It is also usable in both 2G and 3G technology.

  • Download podcast
You can download your favorite podcast by the app and watch it later on your preferable time.

How To Download & Install VidMate

After understanding all the great features of this amazing app, you might be thinking of downloading this easy and super simple video downloader in your android phone.

But you will be a little bit disappointed if you look for the downloader app in the Google Play store.

Because this app is a third-party video download app. And Google Play does not support this kind of applications.

So if you want to this latest VidMate HD download for your mobile, then click the downloadable link which we share in the below,

Or You can also search in Google by the name VidMate apk download, Original VidMate download for Android or YouTube Downloader App.

After downloading the application from our website, it is important to install the app in the proper way. Let’s see how to do install,

Step 1: After downloading, a pop-up message will come on your screen for taking permission, Click the “setting” option.


Step 2: VidMate video downloader is a third party app, you have to change a bit in the setting of your phone.

And for this, you have to turn on the “allow from this source / unknown sources” option. Actually, by clicking this option, you are allowing your android to install apps from unknown sources.


Step 3: When finished this process, you have to click on the “back button” or press “ok”.

Step 4: After that please open the VidMate.apk file again and press install.


Step 5: Wait for some moment while the app is installing.

Step 6: Then click on open.


Step 7: That’s it. Your download and installation of the updated Vidmate install are completed.

Now you are ready to use this amazing app.

How To Use VidMate

Using the VidMate 2019 HD app for downloading and watching the video is easy as a piece of cake.

Step 1: First, you can scroll down the news feed. Here you will find all the latest and popular movies and TV series on the news feed.


Step 2: But if you can’t find your desired video on the news feed you can search for it. There is a search bar at the top.

Write the name of the video and it will be shown on your screen.


Step 3: Now, you have to tap on your desired video result. Then the profile of that file will open and you will see different sources for the same file.

You can whatever source you like.


Step 4: Now it’s up to you whether you like to watch or download the video. If the source is a torrent file, then you have to additionally download the BT torrent plugin.

Step 5: Now you just have to press the download button on the media file and the download will be done in no time. 


Congratulation! You have learned, how to use the VidMate on mobile.

Is VidMate Harmful?

This application cannot be downloaded from the official Google Play Store. That is why some people think that it is malware and harmful to the android system.

But this is an absolute myth. Actually, any kind of software which has the ability to change or modify the Android system without your permission is called malware.

This application doesn’t make any modification in the device system. So, this incredible app is not malware. And you don’t have to worry about it at all.

VidMate authority always updated their app from the old version.

Final words

Watching a movie or our favorite TV series in our lazy time is the best entertainment you can think of.

The original VidMate 2019 app version makes it more relaxing for us.

Because it lets us choose from unlimited videos on the internet and give us the luxury to watch them even download at our favorite time and place.

It provides all the possible features you might want from a video downloader without causing any harm to your device.

If you are a video lover then this app could be proven to be your best friend.