How to See who Blocked You on Instagram for Free

How to See who Blocked You on Instagram for Free

If you’ve recently noticed that you can’t see certain people’s posts in your Instagram feed, chances are they haven’t posted anything yet – or they’ve blocked you.

Instagram doesn’t notify you when you’ve been blocked, nor does it have a list of people who have blocked you that you can see.

However, if you think you’ve been blocked on Instagram, there are a few steps you can take to determine why you’ve been blocked.

Reasons of Who Blocked you on Instagram

People can block you on Instagram for various reasons. Here are some of them:

  • Spamming your mailbox with unsolicited promotional offers.
  • Tagging unrelated posts or filling out notices by tagging them.
  • Commenting inappropriately on their photos, posting offensive and hateful comments on their posts, and saying inappropriate things that annoy you.
  • If you have broken a real-life friendship or relationship, other people can block you as well, so they can continue.

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Have I Been Blocked on Instagram?

Search Username

If you search for someone’s username or Instagram handle in the Instagram search bar, you won’t see their account if they’ve blocked you.

If they are not blocked, you can see their profile and all their posts. But if they make their profile public, you’ll see the message “This account is private.”

If your profile doesn’t appear in search, the person has closed their account or blocked you.

Remember that people can change their username on Instagram. If this happens, you won’t see their account in your search results, but it doesn’t mean you’ve been blocked.

Search Profile

If the profile is displayed, but the message set User Not Found and Photo is missing, this indicates that the person has blocked you.

This method only works if you have a message. If not, use the steps below in this list.

Check Another Instagram Account

The most direct way to know how to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram is to check from another account. If you have a second account, try to find or quickly find a close friend. If everything is better than other accounts, unfortunately you have been blocked.

Check Unique Profile Link

Launch a mobile or desktop browser and enter If you can see their profile in the browser but not in the app, then they have blocked you. If you can’t see their profile through Instagram on the web, that person may have hacked their account.

Another strategy is to look for your friend’s Instagram account when you log in, and if it shows up for them and you don’t, then they’re blocked. You can also create a burning Instagram account to check whether the account is available or not.

You can also send a text message to someone you think has blocked you, but that risks finding out that your number is blocked too!

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