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Vidmate 13.4 MB is a great version of the most popular video downloading application. It’s provided a very good design and support for features; functionality depends on phone storage. In this article, we will describe Vidmate 13.4 MB, explore key features and benefits, and explain how to use it with limited storage capacity.

Vidmate 13.4 Mb apk


App nameVidmate App
Size13.4 MB
Root RequiredNo
GenreVideo Players
RequiredAndroid 5+
ModPremium features unlocked
DeveloperVidmate Studio

Features of Vidmate 13.4 MB

While drastically decreasing its storage footprint, VidMate 13.4 MB keeps many of the key capabilities of the full-fledged VidMate application. Let’s examine a few of its notable features:

  • Video Downloading from Multiple Platforms: Users can download videos from a variety of platforms, including popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and more, using it, just like its larger sibling. Users can easily start downloading videos by browsing and accessing them within the application.
  • High-Quality Video Downloads: Despite being small in size, VidMate 13.4 MB makes sure that users may download high-quality videos. Users can enjoy crystal-clear videos on their devices by selecting the resolution and format that best suit their needs.
  • Download fast: Users can enjoy quick download speeds with it’s 13.4 MB thanks to its excellent data compression methods and optimized algorithms. This enables consumers to download their selected video content fast and save time, even on devices with weaker processors or slower internet connections.
  • Storage requirements: The highlight of Vidmate 13.4 MB is that it’s important to reduce storage. It’s main storage space is 13.4 MB, making it an ideal choice for users with limited storage capacity.

Benefits of Vidmate 13.4 MB:

  • Storage Optimization: Its extraordinarily short file size is one of VidMate 13.4 MB’s most notable qualities. It is simple to download and install on a variety of devices despite its small size and powerful capabilities.
  • Resource: It is set up to use the least amount of system resources, including CPU and RAM. As a result, viewers can download videos indefinitely and enjoy a flawless user experience even on devices with less processing capacity.
  • Safe and Secure: Its major emphasis is security. 100% guarantee for safe mobile devices and data after video downloading.
  • Install & Updates: It may be rapidly downloaded and installed on a smartphone due to its reduced size. Updates to the application are also simpler to manage because they often take less time and bandwidth to download than VidMate’s complete version. Users can easily keep up with the newest features and improvements without having to worry about using up too much storage or data.

Vidmate 13.4 MB for iOS

There is no official version for iOS. So if you are using an iPhone or iPad, you won’t find the application in the app store. However, there are other video downloader applications available in the app store. So you can easily use the other app. It is not recommended to search in the Google Vidmate 13.4 MB application.


In conclusion, Vidmate 13.4 MB is a great option for anyone searching for an actual version of the video downloader application. With its easy download option, simple interface, and support for multiple websites and multiple video formats, Its loading speed and user experience are very fast. This app should be on everyone’s device for those who like to watch movies and video content, etc.